From The Editor | 1st February 2016

Hello and welcome to the February edition of The Priori, a new online magazine designed to give a new view on the world and its affairs. 

January is a tough month for everyone. The financial belts get tighter whilst the literal belts get a lot looser. It can also be a tough month for politics. As the US political class battles its way through presidential candidacy, European politics is dealing with a so-called refugee crisis, Saudi politics is telling the West to mind its own business, Afghan politics is scrambling to defeat Daesh, who are less than an hour outside Kabul, Brazilian politics is dealing with a potentially life threatening virus, just months ahead of their Olympic games and the Chinese are dealing with their slowest growth in a decade, just over 6 per cent. 

Over the new year, the death of Lemmy, David Bowie and Alan Rickman sparked a rather humerous ‘death at 69’ meme of which some were hoping that the 69-year-old Presidential candidate Donald Trump would be next. Whilst death should not be wished on anyone, the rhetoric of literal borders, making America great again and so-called ‘pure breed’ politics is laughable from this side of the pond. The rousing endorsement of Alaska’s own one-woman Russian fighter Sarah Palin meant that the entire Trump For President campaign now has a collective IQ in triple figures. 

I remember, whilst at University, having a discussion with the University of Nottingham’s Conservative Future group, of which we were discussing how we would vote in the US presidential elections (if we could). Out of the group of twenty-or-so, one male said he would support Romney. Everyone, including the rightest-of-the-right by European standards was slightly shocked. I like to think that whilst political correctness may be sighed upon, we appreciate that some things just simply cannot be said in public, hence the constant barage of laughs aimed at potential UKIP candidates who make daft gaffs. Right now, we are being treated to 100x the gaffs that we could possible hope UKIP could provide us with by Mr Trump. Elsewhere, many of us on the left are looking at Sen. Bernie Sanders and noticing that many Democrats may finally be feeling the Bern. However, pragmatism may precede and push through the established Hilary Clinton. 

Because we often look through European-hazed specs at US politics, I have asked Joel Rafferty, a real America to give his commentary on the US Presidential-candidancy vote. His excellent blog called Political Ideas and Education caught my eye this month so I asked if he would be willing to contribute to this months edition of The Priori. Find his blog here

In addition, I must officially welcome two of my best friends to the team. First is Hari Raithatha, a great friend of mine who studied with me at all three of my universities. We have written, made music, studied and drank together many times and his legal knowledge is extremely good, as it should be as he is studying for his LPC. 

Additionally, my best friend from home, Amy Lucas has designed The Priori’s new logo. After studying at the University of Leicester, she has stayed there, leaving me in Bedfordshire all alone, and is living like a grown up. However, her artistic skills are second to none, particularly her cartoon mermaids. I must thank her constantly for her contribution to the look of the site, but I will allow her to introduce the new logo herself. I, and the rest of the team welcome Joel, Hari and Amy to the team. 

I have contacted some great bloggers regarding their contribution to The Priori, and hope to expand our team, making the work we produce even more diverse, interesting and educating. We are still new, learning and growing and are keen to hear from you if you would like to contribute for The Priori. Email us on 

Thank you for reading The Priori, and hope you join us every month. 

Kestell Duxbury

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