From The Editor: March 2016

author-100x100by Kestell Duxbury


So Leo finally has his Oscar. Thank Christ for that! Unfortunately, the liberal agenda of the blacks and the gays has cast a large, seemingly immovable cloud over Hollywood. But just when an honest, rich white guy wins, he then goes blabbing on about climate change. I mean what’s that about?!

Meanwhile, in the UK and the rest of Europe, ‘in’, ‘out’ and ‘Brexit’ are the words on everyone’s lips at the moment. David Cameron secured a good deal for Britain and he has announced that the EU referendum will be as soon as June 23rd. I mean most people will hope it will be over sooner but that’s as good as Dave could do. Oh, except slagging off an elderly man’s dress sense. A ceasefire was called in Syria. Not that anyone really did anything. The Russians had a very different idea of the geography of the ceasefire region to the yanks but hey, tomato tomato. Meanwhile, our bros in Saudi have banged up a guy for tweeting about being an atheist. He also has been sentenced to receive X number of lashes. (X = a number that we find despicable > 100). Yet our mate Dave has praised the amount of arms we sell to the Saudis. So all round the opinion of the regime has dropped unless you’re I’m government which means it’s at a steady AAA rating.

In the states, Feel The Bern Sanders and I’ll run to the Hillary’s to not give an honest answer Clinton (I made that up) are still inseparable at the polls. Meanwhile, the republicans are splitting between Trump and Cruz. The nut jobs are with Cruz and the openly racist patriots are siding with Trump. Of course, Trump is the brave guy, and the interview of him saying what his first day in office would consist of is outstanding, even by his moronic standards. His popularity under extreme idiocy is baffling everyone. But hey, this is from the same place where people supposedly voted for Bush in 2000, but we’ll leave that for another day.

At the Priori, we’ve been joined by three new faces. Maximilian Schwind completed his masters in International Relations at the University of Sheffield last year, which is how we met. He is based in Würzburg, Germany and is presenting the first part of his experience of the Refugee Crisis in Germany. Part Two will be in April’s edition of The Priori.

Meanwhile, Shannon Ashley and Bronwen Posner join the technical team who are moving us from our current host Wix across to WordPress, starting this month. Find out more about them in a devoted article this month.

As always, we are looking to extend and diversify our team across the globe to bring news from all around the world to one place. If you would like to contribute to any aspect of the team, please email us at

As ever, thank you for reading The Priori, and hope you can join us every month.

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