From the Editor – June 2016

author-100x100by the EditorKestell Duxbury

Welcome to the British summer! We have been experiencing great weather so barbecue and pub beer gardens everywhere have been full to the rafters. The British Isles has been on the edge of its seat with the revelations that the Tories may have been committing electoral fraud at the 2015 general election. In addition, the EU referendum is tearing the Tories apart, with some backing Cameron’s In and others backing Boris’s Out team, both wrestling the imaginary dragon of cabinet ministerial posts and a future of being despised by most of the population. Meanwhile, on the other side of the house, Jeremy Corbyn has single handily caused world poverty, according to some, and solved it, according to others. The man can do no right. Or no wrong.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has secured the Republican presidential candidacy, officially. To the joy of many, he has also agreed to debate Senator Bernie Sanders. Hilary Clinton is looking forward to both of boys eating each other alive to help her achieve her aim of being the first female President of the United States. In Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, the former Green Party leader narrowly, and I mean narrowly defeated the Freedom Party, i.e. Austrian UKIP, leader Nobert Hofer. This is the first time a far-right candidate has come close the Presidency this century in the West. Max’s article goes into this in much more info in his final instalment of the ‘Refugee Crisis’ series.

For the first time, the Priori has gone further than the normal monthly magazine by producing a podcast. This month, I was joined by contributors Hari Raithatha and Ben Walters. We had a really interesting chat about a variety of topics from lasers to Boaty McBoatface to Kinder to football to atheism and the EU referendum. Safe to say that we were definitely experimenting with the format a bit for the first few minutes until we really got into the flow of the conversation but we think it will be a fun listen. Find it on Youtube and Soundcloud, with a free download feature under the file on Soundcloud.

In addition to hosting on The Priori’s Youtube and Soundcloud channel’s, we are also looking into being hosted exclusively by the podcasters Acast. Discussions are ongoing but we are hopeful if the podcasts are a success. I hope you like this one and encourage you to join the discussion in the comments below! I hope you enjoy June’s edition of the Priori.

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