Editorial – July 2016

author-100x100by the Editor, Kestell Duxbury


Our podcast this month is with Jack Layton and Hari Raithatha, and we hosted by The Joint recording studios in Kings Cross, London. We chatted about, you guessed it, the EU referendum and then I interviewed Andrew Todd, a UK citizens living and working in Brussels and Lewys Hall, a disgruntled Labour voter to chat about their thoughts on the months news. In the studio, we did have a final chat about the rise of hate crimes post-Brexit and in America.

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was the entirety of the news in the last week of June. Some other stuff has actually happened, but Christ knows if I know what it is.

Turkey has been at the forefront of the international news stations. First, the British ‘Leavers’ have been using Turkey’s ascension to the European Union as a threat to the electorate to persuade them to vote out. By the way, if you hadn’t heard, Britain did vote to leave. Whether this was a crucial pillar to many people’s reasons to leave is debatable.

Second, Turkey has made peace with the state of Israel after five years of, not what you would call major hostilities, but what is comparable to seeing an ex at a birthday party three months after a frosty split. She’s not worth it Erdogan!!

Unfortunately, the third reason Turkey has been in the news is that Islamic State planned and allegedly attacked their biggest airport, Istanbul Ataturk. As of the 30th June there have been 42 confirmed deaths and over 230 people harmed in these attacks. Security forces have called these ‘complex’ attacks, which means that the attackers used a mixture of explosives and firearms to commit these atrocities. As we seem to say on every month, our thoughts are with the friends and families of the victims. It seems like we should have a template comprising of a space were a location, death toll and hurt toll are left blank, because these attacks are becoming far too common.

This month, the Priori welcomes a plethora of new faces. We are joined by three very established bloggers which is hugely exciting. First, Professor Aleks Szczerbiak writes his own blog on Polish politics and is a professor at the University of Sussex so we are very pleased to welcome him. Heidi Campbell writes her travel blog, A Travelling Circus, and we are featuring her first blog about travelling to India. Thirdly is Mark Popkiewicz who writes A Mouthful of Mark, a food blog, predominately full of fantastic recipes but on this occasion, we are publishing his piece on the London Paella School.

Two new faces are Diego Angeles and Ermal Ndini, who are focusing on European and Latin American politics respectively. We would love to hear your opinions on all these pieces so please feel free to leave your comments.

I hope you enjoy this months edition and I shall see you again in August!



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