Tribute to Jo Cox MP

Virtually nobody in Britain had heard of Jo Cox MP before last week. Suddenly, she is all over the world’s press. On the 16th June, Thomas Mair stabbed and shot the MP for Batley and Spen. The 41-year-old Labour representative had elected in 2015, and was highly regarded by her colleagues for her compassion, work ethic and passionate campaigning for humanitarian work, international development and fairness in treatment for refugees. Her late husband, Brendan, spoke publicly on 21st June and stated that she had ‘died for her beliefs.’

The EU referendum was halted and suspended until Sunday 19th June to allow the public and Politics to reflect on this awful, and thankfully, relatively rare tragedy. Many have spoken out for greater protection for MPs, but more have spoken out against the murder of this selfless, passionate member of Parliament. The Commons regrouped on Monday 20th June for an emergency Prime Ministers Questions to remember Mrs Cox. Leading the memorial was Speaker John Bercow, Prime Minister David Cameron and leading of the Labour Party, official Opposition and Jo’s Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

Three memorials that I would like to highlight are her colleague and fellow Labour MP Stephen Kinnock, of whom Jo shared an office with.

The second is from her friend and colleague, Rachel Reeves MP.

The third and final video that we are sharing is from her Canadian colleague Nathan Cullen MP who announced the news of Jo’s murder to the Canadian House of Commons the day of the incident.

The Priori acknowledges the links Thomas Mair had to far right group Britain First, but, whilst the wounds to those that she loved and loved Jo are so fresh, and the shock still lingers in the air, we are choosing to merely express our deepest sympathies to everyone in Jo’s life this month.

The memorial charity that has been set up in Jo Cox’s name to help those that she fought for raised over £1m in the five days after her death, and the outpouring of support from her colleagues, constituents and general public to her husband, two young sons and the rest of her family has been a beacon of light in this otherwise blackened event.

From everyone at The Priori, we extend our deepest condolences to Jo Cox’s family and friends in this difficult time.




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