Editorial: The Priori turns One

image via Wikimedia commons

author-100x100by the EditorKestell Duxbury

Why is Ainsley Harriot August’s editorial picture? Well, why not? It’s been a bit of mad month so it deserves a mad photo.

So I went back to work, so The Priori has taken a bit of a back seat, which I hate doing. July’s issue was great because it was jam packed of new people and interesting stories but I just have not had the time to chase people up like I did in July.

Instead, I have focused on the podcasting side a lot more. It’s a lot less work (time wise) in comparison to print stuff. It required very little editing and can go out pretty quickly too.

We’ve got a nice little selection for you lovely people to enjoy. My latest podcast (at the time of writing) is episode 5, where I talk quite openly about where I would like to see the podcast to go. I also open up about the history of The Priori and how I became inspired to start it a whole year ago!

It was in a very different form to what we see today. It’s been a really interesting journey so far and I hope to continues to take me in a number of weird and wonderful directions.

Thank you all for staying with us and reading all of our musings.

Best, Kez.

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