October’s Priori: The Environment and Climate Change


by the EditorKestell Duxbury

Welcome to October’s The Priori. We have had a busy month here at The Priori. There has been a lot of changes! I now edit more than just this magazine. I am now working on the editorial team of Alain Charles Publishing, where we edit Elite Living Africa, African Technical Review, Oil Review Middle East and Far East Agriculture, as well as a number of other titles.

Because of I have joined this team, the environment has been a subject at the front of my mind. Particularly when it comes to the billions of dollars drilling for oil and the amazing amount of effort that is gone to in order to find naturally occurring gas. I have included my report of the International Energy Agency’s Investment report 2016 to give some hope to those concerned with the planet’s resources.

I also have another reason for focusing on the environment this month. With an extremely heavy heart, my friend Bryony Freestone, who accompanied my father and I, along with her sister, Sophie, and father, Iain around Kenya in August 2014, lost her life in August.

While we were in Kenya, she explained a lot to me about global conservation and environmental impacts, and that is why I am dedicating this month’s issue to her. Everyone here at The Priori sends her family their deepest sympathies.

The image that I use for The Priori is an image I took in the Masai Mara with Bryony and the feature image for the editorial that I am using was her header on her facebook profile when we arrived back in the UK. I hold that trip dear and am very proud that I got to spend it with such incredible people.

Thank you for all your support towards The Priori, and Bry, this is for you.


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