The Priori Podcast

So as many may have seen, The Priori Podcasts have been coming at you thick and fast. I hope you’re enjoying them!

For those who haven’t seen, this is a run down and synopsis of each one we’ve produced so far.

Episode 13 – Cyber security. Kestell was at the Hague and  chatted to people from Honeywell Process about industrial cyber security. No copyright infringement intended. It was just a really interesting chat…

Episode 12- Ivan King, the rhythm guitarist and frontman of Vita Museum, an Italian/British, grunge, electro, metal band, talks to Kestell Duxbury about everything music from Rob Zombie to side projects to the writing process. Ivan was even kind enough to give me a copy of Vita Museum’s album!

Episode 11 – Singer songwriter Tom Powell joins Kestell Duxbury in the Victoria offices to discuss Tom’s recent EP, his past work and singing at the Royal Albert Hall.

Episode 10 – Kestell Duxbury chats to American comedian Erich McElroy about the American presidential election, political comedy and Erich treated me to his Bernie Sanders impression…

Episode 9 – Editor Kestell Duxbury is ill and dosed up on drugs and talks about the US election, the state of the Labour party and rants under his breath about something which we are not quite sure about.

Episode 8 – Editor Kestell Duxbury talks about #Traingate and explains why it encapsulates everything that is wrong with modern politics.

Episode 7 – Editor Kestell Duxbury talks about his side project Netsom Music in this podcast titled ‘The Musical Revolutions.’

Episode 6 – Calum Phillips and I drink and discuss sports. We drink a lot…

Episode 5 – I chat through the origins of the Priori, my influences and why I am so angry with the Labour Party.

Episode 4 – I travelled to BPP Law School in Holborn, London to run through the new British cabinet with Hari Raithatha

Episode 3 – I chatted to Angela Munoz Aroca about the effect of the EU referendum result on Spain, the separatists and Gibraltar over Skype.

Episode 2 – We recorded with Jack Layton and Hari Raithatha at The Joint recording studios near Kings Cross in London and joined Andrew Todd and Lewys Hall over skype to discuss the result of the EU referendum.

Episode 1 – I travelled to Nottingham to host our maiden podcast with Ben Walters and Hari Raithatha, friends of mine from university. We chatted about football, religion and the EU. A perfect lads pub chat.





I hope you enjoy what we’ve done so far. Please comment on anything and join the discussion.

Whilst we provide a free download via Soundcloud, we also load everything onto our YouTube channel so you can enjoy The Priori Podcast anywhere.


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