The Priori Music

The Priori Music is to be a database of mixes, podcasts, live streams and chats to DJs, musicians, producers and artists that you can dip into at any time.

BLK LGHT is a London-based DJ crew consisting of Elderbury, OneDimensionalMan, KAS, Austin, Mañana, Eillom, Fresco, Jack Jones and Richard Co. They play a variety of mixes, building tempos, rhythm and pace through the set with delicate precision. More can be found on their Facebook page.

Elderbury is a DJ and Producer based in London. He plays regularly on Quest Radio and Divine Radio, and uploads all his shows here. His electronic press pack is available here. 

Molly Mouse is an upcoming underground house and techno DJ based in London; she plays and produces a variety of fresh and groovy tech vibes. Molly has been playing at her own/ local events since 2007; with performances at London nightclubs, squat parties and warehouse raves. In 2017 she played the Friday Midnight-2am Select Radio slot and her debut set at Amsterdam Dance Event. She now plays weekly at events and parties across London; with residencies for Détaché and La Divina Afterhours. You can also catch Molly Mouse DJing for lifestyle brand Cool Flo at VW camper van festivals. Molly has recently played at venues including 93 Feet East, Bow Bridge, The Brewhouse, Gigalum, Studio 338 and Café 1001.

Crits is a UK rapper from West London. He has recorded with such acts including WSTRN and Ms Banks, and has performed all over the UK. His UK grime and hip hop flow is instantly recognizable, and he is realising his third EP in Summer 2018. Priori Music Group is supporting his mini tour of London to support this release.

Netsom Music played on Locked Online in 2016 and 2017, playing grime, bass and trap. All of his sets can be found here.

DJ Beck is an all-round DJ with a killer eye for an audience. He takes inspiration from the old school to the future club classics, and produces an eclectic mix of sounds across his show. He can be found  on Divine Radio London 97.9FM every Saturday 2-4pm.

Eillom is a Swedish techno DJ and producer based in London. She has played at clubs and bars and conducts live mixes on radio, playing her own original material.

OneDimensionalMan is a London-based producer, flipping EDM and house tunes with a modern chill trap twist.

Mañana is a techno DJ and producer based in London. He is best known for his Kiss FM Australia show entitled Artillery Show, where he featured many different artists and DJs. You can check out his mixes, original tracks and radio shows below.

Fresco is a London-based Trap and Bass DJ, originally from Oxford. His high intensity sets have gained him recognition all over the world, and has featured in the Chex Mix, plays with Wheel Ups, and has supported trap-star Jackal.

Jack Jones is a London-based DJ. Jack Jones’ interest for playing music started in 2004. His genre revolved around old to new school Hip-Hop/R&B, Trap, Electronic, Bass, etc.

To further practice his passion, he then enrolled himself in Looper Beat Academy in 2013/Bounce Electronic and Dj School. Jack Jones’ track style since evolved and explored other genres like Bass, House, NU, Future, etc.

With fresh skills, Jack Jones made it to the Pioneer Controller Battle 2013 Semi-finals. His excellent styles opened opportunities to play in the metro’s clubs, out of town gigs and other festival events.

KAS is a fresh house DJ from London. His eclectic mixing style caught the attention of House559, which he now hosts a weekly show every Saturday.

Austin is a vinyl and CDJ DJ from Liverpool, and is now based in London. He DJs with a varied style of atmospheric and house techno tunes, and is dedicated to mixing the toughest tunes with no modern assistance. His love of Technic 1210 turntables has nearly ended his relationship with his partner, but his latest mk6 hasn’t pushed her too far yet.

DJ Monty is a London-based DJ, specialising in UK Garage. He plays a set on Divine Radio every week on Wednesdays from 6-8pm, and is a rising DJ, working his way through gigs to build his name and follow. Watch this space for more from him.