A Silver Lining

by Arturo Mendoza Remember, remember the eighth of November. Sombre day for humanity, when fear, sexism and racism prevailed over the pluralism that many of us took for granted in the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave.’ Hidden, deep in the closets of our good neighbours, were old resentments and frustrations that we thought were left behind after years of division … Continue reading A Silver Lining

Social Responsibility, Pluralism and Freedom

by Arturo Mendoza If you ask me about the biggest problem of contemporary society, I would possibly answer: inequality. The latter catches a wide range of important matters such as race, religion, gender and income. Nowadays, divisive rhetoric and bigotry have nurtured intolerance and widened our misunderstanding of different cultures, preferences, and conditions. San Bernardino, Paris, Orlando, Aleppo and Mosul are just the tip of … Continue reading Social Responsibility, Pluralism and Freedom

Cities, sustainable development and climate goals

by Arturo Mendoza Nowadays, in order to properly understand policy cycles, we need to assess the plurality of actors that shape and implement public policies. The actions and omissions of multiple stakeholders -including national governments, local authorities, indigenous communities, civil society organisations, among many other actors- could determine the success, or failure, of policies and social programmes. We’ve passed the point –or this is what … Continue reading Cities, sustainable development and climate goals

Brexit: Lessons for America

image: “US/EU” from Flickr by Arturo Mendoza On Friday 24 of June, people across the pond – myself included – went to bed in shock. A 52% of the electorate in the United Kingdom voted in favour of leaving the European Union, the flagship of regional integration across the world. Living among interdependent societies – Is there any other way in the 21st Century? – … Continue reading Brexit: Lessons for America

Anticorruption: A Political Facade

by Arturo Mendoza In politics as in international relations, it’s important to understand the messages that lie behind the smiling faces and shaking hands that we watch through the telly. It’s not easy to admit, dear reader, that these images tend to distort reality. In this regard, the UK Anticorruption Summit and the impeachment procedures that obliged Dilma Rousseff to leave the presidential palace in Brazil … Continue reading Anticorruption: A Political Facade

The Trump Effect: A Point of No Return?

image:  “the silent majority stands with Trump” by Jamelle Bouie by Arturo Mendoza In the last few months, the world has shockingly observed the rise of radicalism and the spread of ill-advised ideas in the United States of America. This is a wave of hate and xenophobia that threatens to destroy everything on its way. Through caucuses and primaries, Republicans have enhanced the standing of ‘Trumpism’ … Continue reading The Trump Effect: A Point of No Return?

A Bittersweet Accomplishment: Rhetorics and El Chapo’s Capture

by Arturo Mendoza   On the 8 of January 2016, at 19 passed twelve, justice prevailed. Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, the notorious drug lord that escaped from a maximum security prison in July 2015, was recaptured. Just between 2006 and 2012, the war on drugs in Mexico cost the lives of more than 60,000 people. Killings, torture and disappearances haven’t stopped. Mexico has bled. Mexico … Continue reading A Bittersweet Accomplishment: Rhetorics and El Chapo’s Capture

Another year over, and what have we done to fight corruption?

by Arturo Mendoza   A new year is ahead of us, and with this a new opportunity to make what is right and prune practices that ought to be illegal. Whether in Romania or Brazil, within FIFA or across nation-States, corruption has eroded the integrity of bureaucracies and societies everywhere. The success of the fight against this evil will depend on the effectiveness of anti-corruption … Continue reading Another year over, and what have we done to fight corruption?