The Labour that is ‘left’ out

image by Center for American Progress, via Flickr (licence CC 2.0) by Baris Celik Are Blair’s consecutive electoral victories positive developments? Did Labour prefer to stay in opposition rather than being in the reign as ‘New Labour’? Whatever the answer is, there may be things that Labour can inherit from Blair’s political journey. It’s not Corbyn’s recent electoral victory that prompted me to dedicate this month’s … Continue reading The Labour that is ‘left’ out

Understanding and explaining a failed coup attempt

image by Neha Viswanathan, via Flickr (licence CC 2.0) by Baris Celik Summary: A group with striking resemblances to ancient secret organisations is a good reason to reevaluate some preconceived ideas. Otherwise, the reality below the iceberg will hit back with more serious risks. Countries have difficult times. They declare wars, become embroiled in border conflicts, suffer from epidemics, famine or natural disasters. And some countries are … Continue reading Understanding and explaining a failed coup attempt

EU’s global strategy document: stuck, trying to find a role to play…

by Baris Celik On June 28, the EU published its new global strategy document. The most significant of such a development took place in 2003, when the EU published a strategy document (European Security Strategy) under the leadership of then-High Representative Javier Solana. Back then, the EU had the burden of responding to the events unfolded by September 11 attacks, which continues to represent a … Continue reading EU’s global strategy document: stuck, trying to find a role to play…

A Balkan Distraction

by Baris Celik I won’t be surprised to see this month’s debate on thePriori focusing on the UK’s EU referendum results. I don’t call it ‘the Brexit referendum’, since I think such a phrase contains a bias towards leave. Last year, when the referendum became certain to be held, authorities decided to change the answers on the ballot paper from yes or no (‘yes’ representing … Continue reading A Balkan Distraction

Tales from the ‘Schengenland’

image: “Schengen” by Attila Németh by Baris Celik The very idea and the reality of an entity such as the European Union made many people to conjure that ‘borders are becoming less significant between EU member states’ –Chris Rumford (2006). Rethinking European Spaces: Territory, Borders, Governance, Comparative European Politics 2006(4), p. 131. Indeed, the igniters of the European project – the likes of Jean Monnet and Robet Schuman … Continue reading Tales from the ‘Schengenland’

One among many ‘Islams’: Political Islam

image: L by Baris Celik In his September 2014 speech at the French Parliament, Laurent Fabius argued that naming the organisation as ‘Islamic state’ is what the perpetrators are actually aiming to achieve. Although they want to be associated with Islam, as Fabius said that day, they have nothing to do with it. But the issue gets a bit murky when who has anything to … Continue reading One among many ‘Islams’: Political Islam

Humanity strikes back

by Baris Celik It has been five years since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, but the atrocity has come to a point that only the last two years’ mortality figures are enough to since April 2014. This figure rises to even 300,000 when the calculation includes the timeline from the beginning of the conflict. The ‘international community’ is working day and night to … Continue reading Humanity strikes back

The EU that is not to be ignored

by Baris Celik   I’ve always felt uneasy with saying that I like the EU, but I do like talking about it. I guess that’s why I have been writing my last two articles on the matter. I like the way the EU manages to influence the so-called ‘domestic politics’ of its member states. It surprises me everytime to see its ambition to explore new … Continue reading The EU that is not to be ignored

The European Union: United or Untied?

by Baris Celik When I write the phrase ‘the international environment of the EU’, I stop and ask myself: Wait, isn’t the EU already an ‘international environment’? So why using the phrase then? It sounds like the EU is something like a national entity like the United States and what is left outside it stands as ‘international’. No. The EU, as all of us well … Continue reading The European Union: United or Untied?