Editorial: December 2016

by The Editor, Kestell Duxbury Merry Christmas, happy new year, and I hope you enjoy your festive period, wherever you are in the world. I am worried that this month’s Priori has become a bit of a one stop shop for Trump material, but the truth is, it is too bloody important! What have we done? Donald Trump was voted President-elect on 8th November and the … Continue reading Editorial: December 2016

Reflections on November 2016

by Jack Layton President-elect Donald J Trump. It’s been quite the month. Looking back on history, there is a comforting gap of temporal difference where we can safely wonder ‘how could this have happened?’. That comfort has been stripped away. But the question remains, ‘how could this have happened?’. It’s a question that’s been reverberating around my particular echo chamber all month. It’s been answered … Continue reading Reflections on November 2016

Making America Great Again

by Diego Angeles Donald Trump´s victory was influenced by the unexpected resurgence of the working class Americans, once thought superseded by America´s urban, educated and cosmopolitan young citizens. According to information by the Pew Research Center, Trump´s electorate was composed mainly of middle aged (45-65) non-college educated white Americans, mostly male. These groups are settled in inner states of the US, many in the Mid-West region´s … Continue reading Making America Great Again

A Silver Lining

by Arturo Mendoza Remember, remember the eighth of November. Sombre day for humanity, when fear, sexism and racism prevailed over the pluralism that many of us took for granted in the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave.’ Hidden, deep in the closets of our good neighbours, were old resentments and frustrations that we thought were left behind after years of division … Continue reading A Silver Lining

American Horror Story: US Presidential Elections of 2016

This article was written by a guest contributor, click here for more. by Diego Angeles The American Dream is over and the American electorate knows it. The bizarre political show that we have witnessed in the last year is marked by a series of events that reveal the exhaustion of the ideological system that has sustained social order in the United States for at least two centuries. However, … Continue reading American Horror Story: US Presidential Elections of 2016

The Fabric of Urban Life

image by Christian Jonas, via Flickr (licence CC 2.0) by Jack Layton It is now cliché to open an article on cities with the obligatory reference to the fact that over 50% of the world’s population now live in cities (54% in 2015 according to the World Bank, for the UK 83%). But I raise this not to draw attention to global pressures on resources and … Continue reading The Fabric of Urban Life

Mariano Rajoy is elected President of Spain: The story of when corruption meets power

image by Partido Popular de Cataluña, via Commons (licence CC 2.0) by Angela Munoz Aroca On Saturday 29th, Mariano Rajoy, president in functions and head of the conservative party, was invested President of Spain. The investiture ends the political gridlock Spain was suffering for the last year but, what should have been a reason to celebrate, has been interpreted by many as the victory of … Continue reading Mariano Rajoy is elected President of Spain: The story of when corruption meets power