A Tale of Two Countries

by Jack Layton I’m writing this monthly piece at 7pm on Monday 27 th June, already this (long) weekend we’ve had enough news stories to happily keep a full time professional journalist occupied for a month. Let’s briefly recap where we’re at: – UK has voted to leave the European Union, 52% to 48% – David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister (with new Conservative party leader to … Continue reading A Tale of Two Countries

Brexit: Lessons for America

image: “US/EU” from Flickr by Arturo Mendoza On Friday 24 of June, people across the pond – myself included – went to bed in shock. A 52% of the electorate in the United Kingdom voted in favour of leaving the European Union, the flagship of regional integration across the world. Living among interdependent societies – Is there any other way in the 21st Century? – … Continue reading Brexit: Lessons for America

Tribute to Jo Cox MP

Virtually nobody in Britain had heard of Jo Cox MP before last week. Suddenly, she is all over the world’s press. On the 16th June, Thomas Mair stabbed and shot the MP for Batley and Spen. The 41-year-old Labour representative had elected in 2015, and was highly regarded by her colleagues for her compassion, work ethic and passionate campaigning for humanitarian work, international development and fairness … Continue reading Tribute to Jo Cox MP

Calling Latino Soft Power!

See posts from other guest contributors for The Priori here. by Diego Angeles Currently discrimination represents a major threat to many immigrant communities all over the world. Donald Trump´s speech of hate against Latinos and Mexicans is one of the most visible cases in global media today. There are reports of increasing levels of discriminatory attacks against the Mexican-American community in the USA as a consequence … Continue reading Calling Latino Soft Power!

A Balkan Distraction

by Baris Celik I won’t be surprised to see this month’s debate on thePriori focusing on the UK’s EU referendum results. I don’t call it ‘the Brexit referendum’, since I think such a phrase contains a bias towards leave. Last year, when the referendum became certain to be held, authorities decided to change the answers on the ballot paper from yes or no (‘yes’ representing … Continue reading A Balkan Distraction

Launch of the London Paella School in Battersea

See posts from other guest contributors for The Priori here.  by Mark Popkiewicz Earlier this week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the pre-launch of the London Paella School which is based in Battersea, the promise of a cookery demonstration, tapa, paella and wine was too good an offer to refuse. The school aims to bring Spain’s rich culinary culture and social … Continue reading Launch of the London Paella School in Battersea