Editorial: December 2016

by The Editor, Kestell Duxbury Merry Christmas, happy new year, and I hope you enjoy your festive period, wherever you are in the world. I am worried that this month’s Priori has become a bit of a one stop shop for Trump material, but the truth is, it is too bloody important! What have we done? Donald Trump was voted President-elect on 8th November and the … Continue reading Editorial: December 2016

Editorial: November 2016

image by Walter Siegmund , via Commons (licence CC 2.5) by The Editor, Kestell Duxbury Another month, another issue, but how much changes in a month. It turns out Donald Trump is a serial groper, Tony Blair sticks his head back into the British political sphere and Thai politics is set to change for an entire generation. In regards to the image for this month’s editorial, … Continue reading Editorial: November 2016

October’s Priori: The Environment and Climate Change

by the Editor, Kestell Duxbury Welcome to October’s The Priori. We have had a busy month here at The Priori. There has been a lot of changes! I now edit more than just this magazine. I am now working on the editorial team of Alain Charles Publishing, where we edit Elite Living Africa, African Technical Review, Oil Review Middle East and Far East Agriculture, as well … Continue reading October’s Priori: The Environment and Climate Change

Investment shows a positive shift towards renewable energy

image (of Fatih Birol, executive director of the IEA) by Sandra Baqirjazid, via Flickr (licence CC 2.0) by The Editor | Kestell Duxbury On Wednesday 14th September 2016, I attended my first energy conference for my new role with Alain Charles Publishing, reporting on behalf of Oil Review Africa and Oil Review Middle East. You can see my report here. In a first ever detailed analysis of investment across the global energy … Continue reading Investment shows a positive shift towards renewable energy

Editorial: September 2016

by the Editor, Kestell Duxbury Image by ChrisO – WikiMedia Commons So, August has been eventful! I have been, as an editor, extremely busy for a number of reasons. If you have tuned into The Priori Podcast, you would know that I am starting a new job, working for a publishers in London. I must thank all The Priori viewers for their support as The Priori … Continue reading Editorial: September 2016

Why the elderly is to blame for jeopardizing our young’s future.

image by David Holt, via Flickr (licence CC 2.0) by Kestell Duxbury There is a meme going around on social media at the minute with a picture of young protestors outside Whitehall in London, angry that 72% of the British electorate had decided, with a 52 per cent majority, to leave the European Union. The quote said, ‘if you think that the older generations have stolen … Continue reading Why the elderly is to blame for jeopardizing our young’s future.

Editorial – July 2016

by the Editor, Kestell Duxbury BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT BREXIT!!! Our podcast this month is with Jack Layton and Hari Raithatha, and we hosted by The Joint recording studios in Kings Cross, London. We chatted about, you guessed it, the EU referendum and then I interviewed Andrew Todd, a UK citizens living and working in Brussels and Lewys Hall, a disgruntled Labour voter to chat about … Continue reading Editorial – July 2016

Britain’s continuing attack on those on two wheels.

  by the Editor, Kestell Duxbury If anyone at a party asks me what I do, I say ‘edit thepriori.co.uk.’ Unfortunately, to have the freedom to do this I actually have to go and earn a living. I write this whilst I am on sick leave from my ordinary day job. The reason for this is that on the 16th May, I was riding my motorbike … Continue reading Britain’s continuing attack on those on two wheels.

Who’s fault is the ‘democratic deficit’?

image:  “Buckingham Palace” by Edwin Lee, EU flag overlay added by The Priori by Kestell Duxbury So by the next issue, we will know if Britain will remain or will leave the European Union. How exciting! May’s edition focused mainly on the arguments surrounding the Brexit debate, so June will try and move past this. However, anyone in the UK who even thinks of turning on the … Continue reading Who’s fault is the ‘democratic deficit’?