Editorial: November 2016

image by Walter Siegmund , via Commons (licence CC 2.5) by The Editor, Kestell Duxbury Another month, another issue, but how much changes in a month. It turns out Donald Trump is a serial groper, Tony Blair sticks his head back into the British political sphere and Thai politics is set to change for an entire generation. In regards to the image for this month’s editorial, … Continue reading Editorial: November 2016

October’s Priori: The Environment and Climate Change

by the Editor, Kestell Duxbury Welcome to October’s The Priori. We have had a busy month here at The Priori. There has been a lot of changes! I now edit more than just this magazine. I am now working on the editorial team of Alain Charles Publishing, where we edit Elite Living Africa, African Technical Review, Oil Review Middle East and Far East Agriculture, as well … Continue reading October’s Priori: The Environment and Climate Change

Investment shows a positive shift towards renewable energy

image (of Fatih Birol, executive director of the IEA) by Sandra Baqirjazid, via Flickr (licence CC 2.0) by The Editor | Kestell Duxbury On Wednesday 14th September 2016, I attended my first energy conference for my new role with Alain Charles Publishing, reporting on behalf of Oil Review Africa and Oil Review Middle East. You can see my report here. In a first ever detailed analysis of investment across the global energy … Continue reading Investment shows a positive shift towards renewable energy

Editorial: September 2016

by the Editor, Kestell Duxbury Image by ChrisO – WikiMedia Commons So, August has been eventful! I have been, as an editor, extremely busy for a number of reasons. If you have tuned into The Priori Podcast, you would know that I am starting a new job, working for a publishers in London. I must thank all The Priori viewers for their support as The Priori … Continue reading Editorial: September 2016

Editorial: The Priori turns One

image via Wikimedia commons by the Editor, Kestell Duxbury Why is Ainsley Harriot August’s editorial picture? Well, why not? It’s been a bit of mad month so it deserves a mad photo. So I went back to work, so The Priori has taken a bit of a back seat, which I hate doing. July’s issue was great because it was jam packed of new people and interesting … Continue reading Editorial: The Priori turns One

Tribute to Jo Cox MP

Virtually nobody in Britain had heard of Jo Cox MP before last week. Suddenly, she is all over the world’s press. On the 16th June, Thomas Mair stabbed and shot the MP for Batley and Spen. The 41-year-old Labour representative had elected in 2015, and was highly regarded by her colleagues for her compassion, work ethic and passionate campaigning for humanitarian work, international development and fairness … Continue reading Tribute to Jo Cox MP